If you hire a professional, a split AC can be installed in a very efficient manner. People with little experience in plumbing and electrical work will be able to install the AC without taking help from others. The working of a split system varies from one brand to another brand. The split AC consists of two units. They are indoor unit and outdoor unit. The compressor and fan will be present on the outdoor unit. The noise generation mechanism is separated from indoors so that there will not be noise inside the room during the operation of the unit.

Mounting indoor unit

The indoor unit of the split system air conditioning should be placed at the most appropriate place in the room. You should maintain the distance from the roof and the ground as stipulated by the manufacturer. The unit should be installed away from the power lines and lines that are used for television and radio. There should not be any interference with cable connection, telephones and home security system. Looking for a great cooling unit you can see this page for the details.

You should choose a wall that is hard enough to withstand the weight of the indoor unit. You should create a wall in the hole to give way for pipe fitting. The mounting plate should be arranged properly so that air conditioning installation in Gold Coast will take place in right direction. You should check the electrical connections and the pipes should be connected. The bending should be minimized so that the overall efficiency of the system will be high. There will not be any hissing noise when the curvature is perfect.

Installation of outdoor unit

The outdoor unit should be installed at a location which is free from dust and heat. Heavily-trafficked area should be avoided. It should be exposed to fresh air so that the heat generated in the condenser coil will be radiated very effectively. There should not be any presence of antenna or television within the 10 feet diameter of the condenser.

The cable wires should be connected as per the wiring diagram. Cables should be fastened with cable clamp and the cover should be replaced. The flare nuts of pipes should be secured. The air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit should be removed. The joints of pipes should be wrapped with insulating tape. The piping should be affixed to the wall by using clamps. The hole made in the wall should be sealed by using polyurethane foam.

You should refer the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer and the cable wires should be connected as per the diagram. The charging should be monitored very accurately. You can use the vacuum and weigh scale to perform the job. The pipe should not be extended beyond the recommended length so that the air conditioning effect will be optimum.