If you want to give your home a refined and stylish appeal and want to go for a tad bit different from the traditional homes, you could opt for handrails made of glass, this time. Frameless glass balustrade is definitely a stylish option and much in demand amongst home owners. Not only does it bless your home with a chic look, but it also gives it modern and polished look too. Those who want their home to have a ‘glam touch’ should definitely try these kinds of handrails as it turns out being the best option available.

Getting glass balustrades does also increase the overall value of your house. There are several home owners who simply love the idea of glass enclosures in their personal space, their home. It comes with a very coveted look. The best part is, getting them installed is cost effective and not as expensive as many people think. When it comes to glass handrails without a frame, there are innumerable tangible gains it comes with. Starting with, it does add and increases the value of a house.

The look of a house gets boosted the moment these handrails made of glasses gets installed. Additionally, they are made from tough and durable glasses. Many of them come through the heat-soaked process; hence you can feel assured that it would not get destroyed easily. Even if your pet or little child bumps into it, it will not get shattered. All these minute details are taken into consideration by manufacturers, ensuring that they provide a durable and reliable product to their customers. These glass handrails are usually storm-proof and they are highly robust in nature.

It comes with stainless steel hardware, and it tightly holds the panels of these handrails quite firmly. This steel hardware is not easily visible; hence you need not worry at all, as you will get a frameless appeal. It blesses your home with a magical touch and you would have guests appreciating this area of your house, each time they come over. When it comes to the safety of these handrails, you can stay assured that it will be secure and protective for everyone around.

Usually most of these handrails are 12 mm thick or even thicker. The manufacturers ensure that they follow the safety standard set by the Australia’s government and also ensure to follow the building codes as well. When it comes to this kind of frameless handrails, there are tons of handrail options you can select from. You can select one as per the décor of your house. Whatever kind of look you wish to have, it will positively get fulfilled. You will love the end result and get them installed around your balcony or stairs.