A pest is a species of living organism which is troublesome; destructive that causes nuisance and diseases to plants, animals and humans. There are a wide variety of pests. For example, some of the household pests are Ants, Cockroaches, Flies, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Bookworms, Clothes moths. Some of the pests that damage agriculture and gardens are Helix aspersa, Theba pisana, Achatina fulica, mice, rats and other small rodents, Gophers, Bats, Wild boars. Regulation of these pests in order to improve humans, plants and animals health is Pest Control. The people who practice various pest control methods are referred as Exterminators. Controlling of pests is as old as agriculture, as it is needed to keep crops free from pests. Regulating pests in agricultural fields maximizes food production. There are many methods for controlling pests. Some of them are Biological methods, Mechanical methods, Elimination of breeding grounds, Poisoned bait, Pesticides, Traps, Hunting Field burning, Sterilization, Natural rodent control, Destruction of infected plants, Repellents. Depending on the factors such as types of pest involved, areas that are infected, and the level of damage done to the farm, appropriate methods for controlling the pest should be adopted. 

Possum is an arboreal marsupial species. It resembles like a mouse or rodent about the size of a cat. They are native to Australia, New Guinea, and are also found in New Zealand and china. They get attracted to flower gardens and rose buds are their favorites. They use their front paws to pick leaves, fruits and hold them for eating. These species are mostly found in flower gardens and in fields with fruit bearing trees. Now a day they are also getting adjusted to urban areas. They live on rooftops and treetops.Possums make rooftop of the houses as their homes. Possums can be removed from the house by licensed commercial possum relocators. Possum removal can be done in a step by step procedure. The best method of removing possums is to provide an alternative home for the possum. Fix the alternate possum house to a tree near the house. Trim branches of the tress that overhang to the roof, so that possums cannot access to the house roof. Spread some blocks of camphor throughout the roof cavity and place a switched on light in the roof cavity for 3 or 4 days. The combination of light and smell drives the possum out of the roof and the possum adopts the alternative possum house provided. If this doesn’t work out, traps that are available for hire from pest control companies should be used to get rid of possums. See this post if you are looking for best termite control.

Pest Management includes a range of practices to control pests for the betterment of human health and improvement in environmental and economic issues of a nation. In this process of pest control, the pest control programmes are designed by the working partnerships of the scientists in national universities and the private sector agencies that involve in domestic pest control Perth. These programmes help to reduce the pests to tolerable levels so that quality environment can be maintained. According to the scientist’s research and development, various pest controlling tactics are integrated and used to eradicate multiple pests. This helps in the reduce of various pests in large areas.