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How To Make Your Very Own Wine Sticker?

Making your own wine logo has many perks to it. Being a home vintner may require you to make your own sticker to applaud your newest batch of wine, or you might even just have your famous purchased wine to gift to someone on a special occasion and seek to just simply change the sticker. Whatever your reason may be, you have a couple of options to make this work.

Ordering a custom made wine tag

This may have several advantages. It probably is one of the easiest options giving you a range of preferences to choose from currently designed wine labels Australia and just add your own image or desired text. A few aspects to consider are the colors, fonts, texture of the sticker and high quality graphics to be taken into consideration when getting your sticker printed. Another factor to consider when printing your sticker is to make sure it is a genuine reflection of the wine you have made.

Printing your own wine tags

If you own a printer, the easiest option available for you is printing your own sticker at home. They are much easier to print on your own computer and devices. You can print it however you want, complex, simple, colorful or pale, it is a free choice for you when doing it at home with your own laser printer. Here is how you do it. Step one, download a graphic program application, available freely, to your computer and initiate a new document within the size of your label at 300 dots per inch (resolution). Step 2, download a stock image of whatever theme you wish to have, as stock images are clear and will make a great logo for your bottle. Step 3, adding your wordings or your text. Usually a mediocre wine bottle would mention the name of the relative vineyard, the date it was bottled and what type of corporate wine it is. But if you are printing your own, you could state the specialty of the occasion and of course the date if the purpose is for a wedding shower, anniversary or baby shower. To add some elegance you can give your very own fancy font to it. Step 4, to make sure you are printing it right you need to adhere to the guide sheet that comes with the empty label package. First print it on a blank paper and measure it with the guide sheet to see if it printed right. Step 5, make sure to save your label after printing your custom made wine bottles for further use in the future.

How do I apply it?

First make sure that your wine bottle is sparkly clean, free of any marks, dry and at room temperature. Once you have complied with these steps, gently peel it off the backing paper. Peel it off from the corner so you will be able to slither it off without any damages. Lay the bottle down on a firm surface or somewhere confident like your lap, then firmly focus on the center of the bottle and place the sticker on and smoothly it down to the sides of it. Once this is completed leave the bottle in room temperature for it to set and stick permanently

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