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Why Bathroom Vanity Is Important To Be Installed?

Bathroom vanities are the most considerable part of the modern bathrooms.  Bathroom vanity actually offers a counter and a small storage capacity in your bathroom. It’s a great way to enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom. Bathroom is the most usable part of the house after kitchen. Bathroom vanity is now become an essential part of the bathroom. It allows people to place their personal things like towels, shaving machines in bathroom vanity. Moreover, it provides an elegant look of the bathroom as well.  Color of bathroom vanity should be similar or matching to the overall theme of the bathroom. The center piece of a bathroom is its vanity because mirror is placed on right above the vanity and every visitor must stop for the seconds in front of mirror. You can show up your style sense to your visitors by choosing a beautiful and perfect bathroom vanity in accordance with your bathroom theme. Visitors can pick up decoration ideas from your bathroom. People might want to upgrade their bathrooms so; you can give them ideas for choosing the best bathroom fixtures. Elegant bathroom vanity can overall increase the worth of your house.  

Types of bathroom vanities:

There are many kind of vanities are available in market but we’re going to discuss about some custom made bathroom vanities.

  • Pedestal vanity
  • Free standing vanity
  • Wall mounted vanity
  • Vessel vanity

Pedestal vanity is also known as free standing vanity that occupies small space in the bathroom. Pedestal vanity actually provides a neat and clean look of the bathroom. It can be installed even in small size bathrooms.  

Free standing vanity is actually the combination of sink and vanity it’s similar to the pedestal vanity if you add sink with it. Free standing vanity provides a great storage capacity to keep safe the personal bathroom items. Free standing vanities are more durable than other vanities. 

Wall mounted vanity occupies the least space but it’s highly delegated as compare to other type of vanities. Its less durable.

Vessel vanity is the more stylish substitute of traditional vanities. Vessel vanity actually provides a great finishing look to the bathroom but its somehow expensive than the traditional vanity and occupies more space then traditional vanities.


Bathroom vanities are one of the most essential parts of the bathroom. We are having the wide range of bathroom vanities in different colors and designs that will definitely force to buy one of them. We are also selling vanities in very affordable prices.

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