An air compressor is a kind of device which is known for converting the power of electric motor or gasoline engine into a potential energy that is to be stored in form of pressurized or compressed air. The more air is forced into the compressor, the more the pressure increases. The energy can be used for several purposes by utilizing the air’s kinetic energy, which, when gets released, the tank pressure seems to depressurize. And when the tank pressure seems to reach its lower limit, the compressor turns on and the tank gets re-pressurized again.

The many types of air compressors

Different types of air compressors are needed for different usage types. There are various types of air compressors in the market, like diesel air compressor, silent oil free compressors, 3 phase compressors, single phase compressors, and many more. But in majority, two types of designs are there: rotary screw air compressors and reciprocating piston air compressors.

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Air compressors can be classified in three major heads- consumer grade, industrial grade and professional grade.

Consumer grade air compressors

They are single stage models. They are known to be used for household tasks basically.

Whether you are using the air compressor for profit or leisure it helps in performing several by yourself. Add to that, even if you are looking forward to explore your creativity and hobbies, air compressors are a big time help for you. But do remember to choose the correct air compressor as it comes in various power and size in a reciprocating piston design.

Industrial grade air compressors

They are used in manufacturing plants or at oil rigs as an efficient power source. They are built with top-quality components so as to be able to work in various kinds of work environments to improve its productivity, consistency and performance.

Following is a list of wide-range of uses of industrial-size air compressors-

• Manufacturing

• Farming

• Exploration of energy

• Dry cleaning

• Food and beverages

Professional grade air compressors

They have more power along with higher air pressure. They have the power to run a number of air tools at a time with alternating use. Air-powered tools have been growing more and more popular for professional use because of its light-weight and safer way of operation. They do not get overheated with continuous use unlike tools with electricity generated. Some of its usages in this field are as follows-

• Sand blasting

• Air brushing

• Snow machine

• Inflating tyres

• Pressure washer